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A few weeks ago I put an order into BPAL to receive my very first imp’s ears. I placed a double order (12 vials), and I think I got 4 extras thrown in for free. I have been sampling them here and there when I’m in the mood, and haven’t even worked through half of them yet. But I thought I’d review what I have tried so far, for your olfactory-by-proxy pleasure:

Description from the website in italics, my review in regular text.

Green herbs slithering through mint, lime and lavender.

I read the description of this one and thought, “Oh yeah, I need that.” Then I sniffed it in the vial and knew I would love it on. Then I put it on and MY OH MY, it’s fantastic. For the first few minutes after application, it smells like…Lysol. I was worried that the Lysol smell would linger and I’d smell like a clean bathroom all day (ew), but fortunately it didn’t. Upon drydown, this is just a fresh, clean scent that I really like. I don’t smell too much mint, but the lime/lavender combination is really nice.

A wonderful antidote to an all-nighter oozing with drunken, addled perversion and debauchery. A fresh, crisp white linen scent: perfectly clean, perfectly breezy.

I love to be Dirty. Hee hee. Seriously, of all the imps I’ve tried to far, this is my favorite. So much so that I might have to buy a normal-sized Dirty bottle at regular price. I usually like linen/cotton scents, so I figured I’d enjoy this one. And I do. I could wear it every day for a month and not tire of it. Fantastic!

Thick, sugared and bloated with sweetness. Dark chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, and hops with pralines, hazelnut, toffee and caramel.

I’d like to wager that lula_fortune would love love LOVE Gluttony. I wore this one yesterday, and a guy in the store asked what that smell was. “It smells like...cookies in here.” I told him it was my perfume and I think he had some sort of mini-stroke. :)

At initial application, I smell a lot of butter. But as time elapses, the scent fades into a warm, rich, chocolatey, sugary goodness. It reminded me of vanilla pancakes with lots of syrup and chocolate sauce. Personally, this one is a bit too strong for me. It could be that I’m not used to the warm-sugary aromas, perhaps. The scent stuck with me all day, all night, and into this morning right up until I showered it off, and it was very noticeable.

I don’t think I’ll be buying any Gluttony, but I might save the sample vial for special occasions or holidays or something. It’s a bit too potent and overpowering for me.

Innocent, soft and pure: sweet pea, carnation and water lily.

I’m wearing Desdemona today. The carnation is the scent I’m picking up most – kind of a spicy, flowery undertone. It’s got a very clean, feminine, floral smell to it, and though I can’t pinpoint exactly why, something about it reminds me of my childhood.

I’m so-so on this one. Sweet Peas are my favorite flowers, but I’ve never been one to use sweet pea-scented products. It’s just a bit too floral for my taste. I like the way it smells on – light and clean, but not too intense...pretty subtle, actually. But my nose battles with the obviously floral notes. Hmmm.

Grandmother of Ghosts
Mania, Roman Goddess of the Dead, Matron of Madness, Governess of the Ancestral Spirits, Bestower of Divine Frenzy. Her scent swirls with a high-pitched tumult of laurel, stargazer lily, splintered woods, peony, mandarin and white musk, and is spiked with pale pepper.

I got this one (along with a few others) as an extra for free. I have not worn it yet, and I probably never will, because to me it smells absolutely disgusting. I guess I should take this to mean I’m not a fan of the “woodsy” family of perfumes. But seriously, it’s nasty. I cannot imagine ever wearing it or wanting to smell like this. It reminds me of a stale convalescent home. Grandmother indeed. Anyone wanna trade?


Another thing I’ll say about these perfumes: None of them so far have made me sneeze or react in any way, which says a lot. None. Even after shoving my nose right up to the vial and inhaling. Nearly all of the scents that I regularly wear cause me to sneeze at initial application, or give me the runny nose/eye syndrome. I’ve had no problems with BPAL products so far, which makes me very happy.

Oh, and one more thing I like: Every single one I've tried so far lingers throughout the entire day. They never really fade except at drydown. Right now I still smell as Desdemona-delightful as if I'd just applied the perfume 10 minutes ago. Sweet.
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Oooh - those do sound nice.
If you think you'd be into the Grandmother one, let me know.
Gluttony sounds delish!

I've been recommended to BPAL before, but haven't tried it. I own so many body butters/sprays/lotions that I probably don't need any more, but it's tempting!
I love the imp's ears. They're tiny little sample vials, so if I find I don't particularly care for one or another, I don't have an entire bottle of it. You get 6 for $19.50, and they usually throw in 2 free ones, so they work out to a little over 2 bucks each. Not bad for such great perfume. :)

Me? Trying to persuade you to try BPAL? *Innocent face*
0o0o I want to try gluttony now!
It's different than anything I've ever tried, but like I said, I'm not that much into the warm sugary scents. If you're into chocolate/caramel/sugary/buttery stuff, you'll probably like it! :)

Suspended comment

I got a sample of Vice, too! Haven't tried it yet. Not sure if I'll like it, though. We'll see!

Yes, I'm totally sucked in now. I'm wearing a new one today!

I have at least 3 real-life friends who have tried their stuff, plus 2 LJ friends (including you!), so I had to try it as well. I'm glad I did. :)