Aimee (just_aims) wrote in suds_it_up,

I Hate Perfume

"Just like everything else in the world, perfume has gone to the slebs. Why anyone would want to smell like Brit Brit, we’ll never know (although Curious is an appropriate name if ever there were one).

Follow your nose to CB I Hate Perfume, the brainchild of Christopher Brosius, a true scentologist. Made in small batches by hand, Brosius designs every scent himself using oil and water as a base rather than the usual alcohol.

In this case, what you see is what you smell: Gathering Apples, In the Library, At the Beach 1966, and I Am a Dandelion all pong exactly like, well, you know. The real fun is in mixing the scents that are appealing to you (Burning Leaves and Cedarwood Tea, anyone?).

And there is more than just perfume on hand. Up for grabs are Accords (a single scent that captures a very specific smell), Home Sprays, Wardrobe to protect against moths, and Outside for repelling bugs and other little creeps.

Like those irksome paps.

Available online at"
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