Aimee (just_aims) wrote in suds_it_up,


"There is nothing dirtier than soap. Passed around from one body to the next, shoved into disgusting crevices, and blessed with an uncanny ability to attract pubic hair.

Valsey and Me is putting an end to the madness, one bar at a time.

The single-use soaps are handmade from olive and natural essential oils and come in five scents: cinnamon orange; mango butter; white grapefruit; milk, almond, and honey; and lavender oatmeal.

Each is wrapped in tissue paper and customized with a name or saying up to fifteen characters long. Then 40 of the darling chips are placed in a black, white, or natural-colored papier-mache treasure chest (how adorable) for easy stashing or displaying.

Guests will appreciate the gesture.

You’ve spared them from a stranger’s filth.

Available online at"
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