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As seen in my inbox...

It’s the little things that make life worth not jumping. A mixed CD made just for you by a friend. A compliment from your boss about your incredible talent. Basic necessities that go beyond the basic.

Like Daub & Bauble, the new line of body and home products that come in pretty packaging and scrumptious scents.

Hand soap, dish detergent, and lotion are available in three fragrances created with essential oils. Choose from mission fig and thyme, Sorrento lemon and ginger, or Tarocco orange and clove. The bottles are decorated with deer, birds, trees, and mod patterns.

Don’t be fooled: The froufrou products do a stellar job cutting grease, killing germs, and moisturizing skin.

They may not prevent bad things from happening, but they sure can take you to your happy place.

Available online at and To see styles, go to
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