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Step #1: Acquire some confetti bubble bath from European Soaps, Ltd.. It comes in different fragrances including grapefruit, rosebud, “holiday spice” and lavender. However my all time favorite is “La Mer”. I don’t know what the heck “La Mer” means*, but I do know if they sold this fragrance as lotion, perfume, or shampoo, I’d buy it by the barrel. It’s exactly how I want to smell. All the time, all day, everyday.

Each envelope has enough confetti for 2-3 baths, depending on how liberal or stingy you are with your confetti. Here are some photos I pulled from the web. (The envelope I had was all mangled because I’d been saving my last little bit of confetti for months – I haven’t been able to find La Mer anywhere local.)

Step #2: Fill the tub!

Step #3: Throw a handful of confetti into the tub.

Step #4: I recommend lounging in the tub while the confetti swirls and dissolves around you. It’s very delightful.

Step #5: Watch as the water turns purple.

Step #6: Enjoy the bubbles!

* “La Mer” is French for “the sea”.
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Did I mention how MY NEW BATHTUB is huge and wonderful and will require a giant shopping trip to LUSH? :)
No you did not but thanks for sharing you evil tease of a woman! :P