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Luxury Spa Get Away in Your Tub

Lemon Souffle Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Body Scrub

Mouthwatering citrus fragrance from real fruit makes this a perfect scrub for morning wake ups. A unique combination of natural oils, vitamins and minerals blend with Dead Sea salts in a lusciously gentle lather that exfoliates and polishes the skin. Dry skin cells disappear, leaving skin soft and fresh.

Rainbow Sorbet Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Body Scrub

A luscious parfait of crisp apple, sweet raspberry, ripe peach and juicy lemon in one bottle! Real Fruit Extracts are the secret to the delicious fragrances in this scrub. The refreshing lather contains ancient Dead Sea salts that slough off dead skin cells. Essential vitamins and minerals nourish and rejuvenate the skin, leaving a light tantalizing scent.

Mochanilla Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Scrub

This scrub is uniquely layered with soothing brown sugar with a hint of chocolate and lemon infused vanilla. Exotic Dead Sea salts exfoliate the body while the smooth natural oils, vitamins, and minerals moisturize and soothe skin. Stimulates circulation and produces a warm tingly glow that lasts.
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