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Bath Time!

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Get 20% off Beauty.com Orders! [05 Nov 2008|04:33pm]

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Hello ladies! (and...gentlemen??)

Here is where I pimp my business out. :) Right now through Friday, you can save 20% with our Beauty.com Friends & Family Event. That 20% is on your ENTIRE order. The only exclusions are NARS, Kooba and Beauty.com gift cards.

That's a HUGE discount on prestige beauty products - and we've got some amazing frou-frou bath+ body brands like bliss, philosophy, Aquolina, Crabtree & Evelyn, Claus Porto, Fresh, LoLLIA, Tocca, Borba and more. Plus, tons of makeup from Smashbox, Stila, Too Faced, DuWop, tarte, Prescriptives, Vincent Longo, LORAC and wayyyy more. And Skin Care. And Natural! And Hair Care! And Accessories! And Fragrance too (I am totally buying Harajuku Lovers).

Basically we've got everything Sephora has except Bare Escentuals and Clinique - which we ARE working on.

So anyway. There's a catch. You need the email to get the discount, and I can't just paste in the email because you have to click through it, and it's mine, and they can tell it's mine - so if you want this, email me at lulafortune at gmail dot com with your email - or post it in the comments - and I will forward it on to you. Then you forward it on to as many friends as you want.

 I should add that you WILL NOT be signed up for any Beauty.com email unless you choose to opt-in while making your purchase. Just in case you were wondering...

Beauty Junkies Unite! And...you know, support my place of work. And stuff.

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As seen in Daily Candy [13 Oct 2008|09:27am]

On your road to relaxation, you’d prefer to bypass the plop plop and head straight for the fizz fizz.

If you only had a tub.

Chin up, sweetie. Lush has created Emotibomb, a cousin of the bath bomb tailored for the shower. Simply place the wonder ball on the shower floor directly beneath the water flow — as the warm stream hits it, a wonderful fragrant steam will fill the room.

Choose from four varieties: Sex in the Shower releases a hint of ginger; Too Drunk exudes peppermint, marigold, fennel, and sweet orange to cure a hangover; lavender, chamomile and neroli in Up the Wooden Hill will help lull you to sleep; and there isn’t a more pleasant way to wake than with the essence of lime, lemon, and grapefruit in Up You Gets.

Oh, what a relief it is.

Available online at lushusa.com.

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New Soaps and Candles at Dancing Panda Soapworks! [21 Jul 2008|01:27pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Buy Handmade

Looking for our lotions, bath salts, and other goodies? Check out our website for our full catalog of bath and body merchandise.

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Soapsicles [17 Jun 2008|11:30am]


You're gonna have trouble resisting taking a bite out of these yummy smelling popsicles, but don't -- they're soap! They're the same size as real popsicles and arrive adorably wrapped in a clear bag with coordinating ribbon. Choose from Nilla Sammi (Chocolate & Vanilla); Rainbow - Peace, Love & Soapiness (Fruity Fragrance); Lemonade (Fresh Lemon Scent); and Pink-Confetti Cupcake (Strawberry). Each soapsicle weighs 3 ounces except for Nilla Sammie, which is 2.75 ounces (because someone took a bite out of it, obviously!).

Click here to get your own!

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Luxury Spa Get Away in Your Tub [12 May 2008|01:23pm]


Lemon Souffle Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Body Scrub

Mouthwatering citrus fragrance from real fruit makes this a perfect scrub for morning wake ups. A unique combination of natural oils, vitamins and minerals blend with Dead Sea salts in a lusciously gentle lather that exfoliates and polishes the skin. Dry skin cells disappear, leaving skin soft and fresh.

Rainbow Sorbet Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Body Scrub

A luscious parfait of crisp apple, sweet raspberry, ripe peach and juicy lemon in one bottle! Real Fruit Extracts are the secret to the delicious fragrances in this scrub. The refreshing lather contains ancient Dead Sea salts that slough off dead skin cells. Essential vitamins and minerals nourish and rejuvenate the skin, leaving a light tantalizing scent.

Mochanilla Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Scrub

This scrub is uniquely layered with soothing brown sugar with a hint of chocolate and lemon infused vanilla. Exotic Dead Sea salts exfoliate the body while the smooth natural oils, vitamins, and minerals moisturize and soothe skin. Stimulates circulation and produces a warm tingly glow that lasts.

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I Hate Perfume [07 May 2008|12:49pm]

"Just like everything else in the world, perfume has gone to the slebs. Why anyone would want to smell like Brit Brit, we’ll never know (although Curious is an appropriate name if ever there were one).

Follow your nose to CB I Hate Perfume, the brainchild of Christopher Brosius, a true scentologist. Made in small batches by hand, Brosius designs every scent himself using oil and water as a base rather than the usual alcohol.

In this case, what you see is what you smell: Gathering Apples, In the Library, At the Beach 1966, and I Am a Dandelion all pong exactly like, well, you know. The real fun is in mixing the scents that are appealing to you (Burning Leaves and Cedarwood Tea, anyone?).

And there is more than just perfume on hand. Up for grabs are Accords (a single scent that captures a very specific smell), Home Sprays, Wardrobe to protect against moths, and Outside for repelling bugs and other little creeps.

Like those irksome paps.

Available online at cbihateperfume.com."

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[21 Apr 2008|11:07am]


Yen Bubble Bath.

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Ahhhhh. [17 Mar 2008|12:02pm]

How to take the perfect bath.

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Blowout Sale [22 Feb 2008|12:10pm]

Save up to 80% at the Bliss Blowout Sale.

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Bath & Body Works stuff [30 Dec 2007|02:00am]


( THESE + 17 MORE @ citadel_icons )

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Buy one get one free at Lush. [28 Dec 2007|11:10am]

Lush clean slate BOGO sale.

Hat tip to snotvark for alerting us to the sale.

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Huh. [19 Dec 2007|04:18pm]

"There is nothing dirtier than soap. Passed around from one body to the next, shoved into disgusting crevices, and blessed with an uncanny ability to attract pubic hair.

Valsey and Me is putting an end to the madness, one bar at a time.

The single-use soaps are handmade from olive and natural essential oils and come in five scents: cinnamon orange; mango butter; white grapefruit; milk, almond, and honey; and lavender oatmeal.

Each is wrapped in tissue paper and customized with a name or saying up to fifteen characters long. Then 40 of the darling chips are placed in a black, white, or natural-colored papier-mache treasure chest (how adorable) for easy stashing or displaying.

Guests will appreciate the gesture.

You’ve spared them from a stranger’s filth.

Available online at valseyandme.com."

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As seen in my inbox... [28 Nov 2007|09:25am]

It’s the little things that make life worth not jumping. A mixed CD made just for you by a friend. A compliment from your boss about your incredible talent. Basic necessities that go beyond the basic.

Like Daub & Bauble, the new line of body and home products that come in pretty packaging and scrumptious scents.

Hand soap, dish detergent, and lotion are available in three fragrances created with essential oils. Choose from mission fig and thyme, Sorrento lemon and ginger, or Tarocco orange and clove. The bottles are decorated with deer, birds, trees, and mod patterns.

Don’t be fooled: The froufrou products do a stellar job cutting grease, killing germs, and moisturizing skin.

They may not prevent bad things from happening, but they sure can take you to your happy place.

Available online at patinastores.com and room6.com. To see styles, go to daubandbauble.com

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[03 Oct 2007|08:56am]


It’s a fragrance oil burner that plugs into your USB drive.

Available here: http://usb.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=00040. (Except it’s “Temporary [sic] out of stock”.)

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More BPAL reviews. [17 Aug 2007|01:19pm]

Innoncence defiled. Sticky pink bubblegum and the thick, sweet scent of orange and cherry lollipops over a breath of heady womanly perfume.

Sniffing this from the vial, I definitely pick up bubblegum. Not Bazooka. Not Bubblicious. Remember bubble tape? It’s like that. Or those sticks of gum that came with baseball cards and Garbage Pail Kids. It seems odd to even think about wearing it as perfume. But I tried it anyway, and I have to say, it’s quite lovely. For whatever reason (my skin chemistry, perhaps?) I notice a sort of cinnamon-y aroma after drydown. All morning I was trying to put my finger on it, and then I realized what it reminds me of: a cherry blow pop. Right before you get to the bubblegum in the center. Sweet, but sort of spicy, too. I like it, and I might even consider buying it. I’m not so sure about “heady womanly perfume”, but whatevs.

Baobhan Sith
The ghostly White Women of the Scottish highlands. They seduce unwary travelers by night with their unearthly beauty and mesmerizing dancing. They engage their victims in a wild, hypnotic dance, and once they reach exhaustion, exsanguinate their partners with their vampiric kiss. Grapefruit, white tea, apple blossom and ginger.

Ha ha ha, some of these descriptions really crack me up. Geez Louise.

I ordered Baobhan Sith for the grapefruit – I’m a huge citrus fan, and grapefruit is one of my favorite citrus fruits. The white tea and apple blossom sounded like they’d be a good addition to the mix, but I was skeptical about the ginger. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. At first sniff, there is a definite rush of grapefruit. After application it fades into a lovely clean scent, and I could pick up the white tea, which was balanced out with the apple blossom. I didn’t pick up any notes of ginger.

Sadly, both of these perfumes are fairly light and fade pretty quick – they didn’t stay with me like all the others I’d tried before them. Baobhan Sith is particularly light – I went out in the evening and I had to re-apply. Even after a few hours at work, the scent had almost completely faded away.

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[13 Aug 2007|04:29pm]

A few weeks ago I put an order into BPAL to receive my very first imp’s ears. I placed a double order (12 vials), and I think I got 4 extras thrown in for free. I have been sampling them here and there when I’m in the mood, and haven’t even worked through half of them yet. But I thought I’d review what I have tried so far, for your olfactory-by-proxy pleasure:

Imp’s Ears GoodnessCollapse )


Another thing I’ll say about these perfumes: None of them so far have made me sneeze or react in any way, which says a lot. None. Even after shoving my nose right up to the vial and inhaling. Nearly all of the scents that I regularly wear cause me to sneeze at initial application, or give me the runny nose/eye syndrome. I’ve had no problems with BPAL products so far, which makes me very happy.

Oh, and one more thing I like: Every single one I've tried so far lingers throughout the entire day. They never really fade except at drydown. Right now I still smell as Desdemona-delightful as if I'd just applied the perfume 10 minutes ago. Sweet.

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[17 Jul 2007|11:50am]

Wine-flavored/scented lotion, linen sprays, lip balms, and more!

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[19 Jun 2007|02:40pm]

Handy-dandy spa finder.

Find a spa in your area!

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Bath Cocktails [11 Jun 2007|03:11pm]

I've been holding on to a list of Lush cocktails for approximately forever, meaning to post it here. I finally got around to it, so now I can throw this ratty ol' piece of paper away!

Bath CocktailsCollapse )

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[02 May 2007|09:58am]

Instructions for having the best bath ever.Collapse )

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